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1. I-LOGIX CUSTOMS INC. provides a full range of services to help meet your Customs Clearance requirements during the entry process to assist you in maintaining customs compliance in order to speed up clearance time and minimize delays of your deliveries.

2. The company holds a U S Customs National Permit that allows it to conduct Remote Location Filings for entries at any participating RLF(Remote Location Filing) Port of entry in the U.S..

3. Regardless of the method of transportation used for exporting your product into the U.S., we can handle the clearance end of the shipments. Whether it’s by Land, Sea or Air, we are here to serve you.

4. Our pricing for your Import Bond requirements are very competitive and we guarantee that to be true.

5. Our ABI system is equipped to perform ISF Filings for your U S bound cargo, including cargo for FTZ and IT (Foreign Trade Zone and Immediate Transportation)

6. Duty Drawback-99% of all duties paid on any imported materials can be recovered if the material is used in exported products. I-LOGIX CUSTOMS INC. has the expertise and knowledge to assist in the recovery of this duty.

7. Logistics Service. We can Arrange Transportation of your shipments for delivery to the ultimate consignee, Exam site locations, immediate transportation in-bond movement, whatever the situation.

8. We are able to assist clients who have signed us on as their agent via our power of attorney, in the automated clearinghouse application process (ACH).

9. I-LOGIX CUSTOMS INC. will Classify any product you are importing and will provide you with the total calculated amount of U S Customs Duties and fees due at entry so that you can plan for that added expense and factor it in as part of the entry cost.

10. Access to our website allows visibility for you to Track the Progress of your cargo from the time entry data is submitted to Customs, to the time of customs conditional release.

In summary, I-LOGIX CUSTOMS INC. can provide Customs clearance for incoming U.S. bound shipments and holds a National Permit that allows entry filings remotely, whether your cargo is by land, sea or air. We also offer import bond discounts and ISF filings for your U.S. bound cargo and can arrange transportation for its delivery. If you need assistance for your drawback claims or your ACH application, we are here to help. Calculation of the duties and fees due U.S. Customs for your cargo is performed by us and provided to you so that you can have an idea early about the expense required for the entry of your cargo. We also offer web access for our customers to track their own cargo and report any duty paid.

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